On the Cover:

Specialized Turbo Cuomo 3.0 e-Bike in UV Lilac. $3250 or available for day rental. The Mob Shop 110 West Ojai Avenue | Hightail Handmade Jacket. $180 Sunstream Goods 205 N Signal Street, behind NoSo Vita | Tuareg Ebony Amulet with Antique Silver. $395 Nomad Gallery 307 E Ojai Avenue No. 103 | Hand-Distressed Vintage Levi’s. blanchesylvia 212a E Ojai Avenue | Jess Conti Leather Backpack. $225 OVA Arts 238 E Ojai Avenue | Flower CSA. $80/mo Sunstream Goods collab with Native Local Flower Design. Friday pickup @ 205 N Signal Street, behind NoSo Vita | The Serpent Hat. $350 SamRobertsLA 900 E Ojai Avenue | Baguette. Kate’s Bread. Order ahead for Sunday pickup @ noon

Kellie Bolton shot by Photographer Mariana Schulze at Caravan Outpost.

As seen in the Winter Edition of the Ojai Valley Visitor’s Guide.